Studying Health and Illness in India and Brazil

How do the everyday realities of lifestyle, nutrition, and social structure shape people’s physical and mental health around the world?

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This is the central question motivating my research, which takes place in India and Brazil. In urban India, I explore how the day-to-day management of type 2 diabetes shapes North Indian women’s abilities to participate in social roles considered appropriate for women of their age, class, and caste groups. I also study how South Indian women explain and understand pathological distress.

In rural Amazonia, Brazil, have studied the links between food insecurity, mental health, and chronic diseases. 

I also teach, research, and host a podcast about the history of scientific racism and its present day implications around the world.

Watch Dr. Weaver talk about caste, race, and health inequality in India at the 2018 holiday lecture of the American Association for the Advancement of Science:

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Podcast interviews with Dr. Weaver about her research and book: